Materials Requirements


Tk20 is a comprehensive system that provides a rich set of assessment data management tools to help track and enhance our student’s growth, as well as make our assessment and accountability tasks more efficient and effective.  A one time subscription fee of $103 is automatically billed to the student's account upon registration for the EDUC 2110: Educational Psychology course. Education students will have access to Tk20 for ten years to build their professional portfolio and support career advancement.

The system enables students to participate and manage their academic activities throughout their college experience. This system allows students to:

  • Create and submit key assignments online.
  • Facilitate collaborative evaluations online between instructors, field mentors and students.
  • Create electronic portfolios documenting course work.
  • Keep records of field experience work including student teaching and all clinical practices (field assignments, field experience, student teaching, clinical practice and internships).
  • Submit forms online, including applications for student teaching and other field experiences for teacher certification.


All Early Childhood Education candidates are required to purchase the AU ECE T-Shirt during their enrollment in EDUC 2430 Foundations of Early Childhood Education course. The T-Shirt will be worn during special events, service learning experiences, conference attendance, etc. The same t-shirt will continue to be utilized throughout the ECE program.

Course instructor will place orders during the first two weeks of class.


Candidates are encouraged to utilize the professional and developmentally appropriate resources within field placement settings and in the emerging Early Childhood Resource Library (ECRL) on campus. However, candidates should be prepared to mirror the authentic educator who invests in their classrooms with additional resources.

Candidates enrolled in EDUC 3410 Teaching/Learning/Assessment in Early Childhood: Infant/Toddler, EDUC 3420 Teaching/Learning/Assessment in Early Childhood: Preschool, EDUC 4010 Early Childhood Student Teaching should be aware that additional financial and resource investment is required in preparation of lesson plans, instructional strategies, etc.

In addition, candidates should be aware that Service Learning requirements throughout the program may include a nominal additional cost for resources, project completion.

A majority of the professional development opportunities and conference attendance will be free to candidates. Occasionally, a conference registration fee will be required for candidates, but the fee will always be at a student or reasonable rate.


All students participating in an Early Childhood Field Experience must comply with all NAEYC Accreditation, Universal Precautions, and health and safety standards.

Early Childhood students enrolled in EDUC 3410 Teaching/Learning/Assessment in Early Childhood: Infant/Toddler Field Experience must wear a Smock at all times present in the Infant/Toddler. Smocks and socks are to be taken from the classroom each visit and laundered appropriately prior to the next visit.

For best results the Smock should:

  1. Be a jacket style with no exposed sides or ties (required)
  2. Long sleeve (required)
  3. Snap-Front
  4. Elastic cuff on sleeves
  5. Pockets
  6. Not White (easy to clean)
Candidates are required to provide their own smock. While Smocks are available at most nursing/uniform stores, there is no need for the purchase to be costly. It is recommended that candidates explore the uniform scrub section of Walmart which has professional scrub jackets for approximately $15.


All students must have a small plastic tote with the following equipment to carry with them to the field:
  1. Various band-aids
  2. Bio-hazard vomit kit (provided by AU Nurse)
  3. Surgical gloves (non-latex)
  4. Antibiotic ointment
  5. Hand sanitizer
  6. Anti-bacterial wipes
  7. Kleenex